3 Secrets to Winning Golf

Yet Most Often Ignored

They say that golf is not a sport you master but rather a sport you adventure through. In other words, the game will bring you endless ups and endless downs. Your best day on the course could be tomorrow, or it may turn into your worst – you just never know.

So for any new players feeling frustration it is easy to wonder when your swing will turn around, or when your game will improve. Some of you have yet to hit the ball in a straight line, never mind trying to keep par. So what is the secret to winning golf?

Here is one of the important keys…

Short Game Practice and Consistency

Those that play the game long enough are the individuals that come to love golf for what it is: a journey. Eventually you will have no choice but to enjoy the ride. It is as simple as that. You will discover never before seen nuances of the sport as you show up each day to the course.

Forget about reading the latest trick or technique in a magazine, and then making it happen on the course – because nine out of ten times your best lessons will be learned the hard way – through practice, practice and more practice. I provide the very tools to do just that successfully in my book 38 Tips to Breaking 80 or 100.

There is an old saying in business that “repetition breeds success”. This does not just go for the business world. It ties into everything you do in life, especially when it comes to golf. Players who want to improve are really just seeking some consistency in their golf game. There is nothing worse than swinging a club and not having the foggiest idea of where your ball will end up.

The short game can be a complex world. Precision is everything and technique is what will get you there. Lucky for you, however, the short game can show you improvements almost immediately – significant improvements at that. Again, in my book 38 Tips to Breaking 80, provide you a step-by-step guide to get you there.

What Are The Steps Needed To Best Approach The Short Game?

Fortunately, there is an endless array of golf instruction, lessons, and tips to get anyone who is interested in golf, or is having trouble, to making quick improvements on the course.

Essentially it boils down to this…

#1.  Study the various short game shots. Approaching the short game from an athletic standpoint means practicing your pitch shots, chip shots, bunker shots, flop shots, and of course, putting. My practice charts provided in my book 38 Tips to Breaking 80 set you up in a structured practice session to keep you on track towards a game improvement goal.

#2.  Make practice a priority. New players should be spending more time on the practice greens than on the actual golf course. Let’s also not forget to put down the driver. Hitting balls as hard and as fast as you can, will not help increase your score in the long run.

The scoring shots are on a more controlled swing plane, whereas the driver is on a slightly different one. If you practice distance shots routinely, there isn’t much touch and feel left where it really counts, which is in your short game…

#3.  Develop the proper mindset. In the beginning of this article I said that golf is a journey, not a destination. This means keeping the attitude of being positive throughout your experiences, even when things are not going your way. In golf there is one guarantee you can count on: things will most certainly not go your way, which is what makes this sport so much fun! Keep up the good attitude and enjoy the journey.

Enjoy your day and share my tips with your friends…

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