A Storm Is Coming… Let’s Play Golf!

Bad weather and poor playing conditions on the golf course can bring the best out of you, or the worst, depending upon your attitude! Most of us who have a great passion for golf absolutely love it when the conditions on the course change at the drop of a coin. That is what makes golf fun and challenging.

Think about it… if you make every shot with a perfect lie, absolutely no wind, and zero obstructions to play around, then what would be the challenge? Of course the game would be easier and you would probably score very well on each game you play, but there’s no zest when constantly playing in perfect conditions, no change, nothing to test our abilities at golf.

The Joy of Stormy Weather

Overcoming the ever-changing challenges of golf is what it’s all about. What are some of the changes out there that can make your game more exciting? For starters, bad weather! Having a storm roll in at the last minute can cause all kinds of obstacles to change the thinking of your game plan.

Golf is an outdoor sport, always has been, and always will be. It’s a beautiful thing, knocking a good solid round with your friends under the great blue sky, getting a suntan, and watching nature as you move from hole to hole. However, this perfect picture can change in an instant when a storm hits the area. Every shot you make will be forever affected by weather conditions.

The more experienced players, those that have a positive mental attitude and enjoy these challenges, will adapt to the changes in the environment and on the course. Other men and women, who interpret stormy weather as annoying, are more prone to developing a bad attitude, will complain and more than likely quit their game out of frustration.

Learn To Take Advantage Of Poor Playing Conditions

Ironically, there are many professional golf players that prefer to play in bad weather, which completely changes their shots from hole to hole. The reason they enjoy this is so that their competition will obviously not do as well as planned.

While you may not compete and are playing golf for enjoyment, professionals that are competing in major tournaments are out there to win. The competition is fierce and stormy weather will bring out the best in those players who can adapt.

When the weather makes a turn for the worst during these tournaments, those players that only fair well in decent conditions are weeded out. Then only the better, more experienced golf players are left to compete. These men and women are able to use the conditions to their advantage, such as the wind, precipitation, and extreme temperatures. Learn to adapt a mental condition that all weather is manageable and it will only affect your playing conditions to the level of your mental attitude.

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