Acceleration Through the Impact Zone

Once you have learned to train the backswing muscles to build raw power for the downswing and have released that power, you must stay ahead of that power through the use of acceleration. To get good acceleration the swing must have a very deliberate transition from the back swing to the forward swing and continue to speed up through the impact zone.

The impact zone is from the position of the golf shaft in the downswing at parallel to the ground to about one foot pass the ball. Just as you get the ball, the shaft is releasing all its energy into the center of the club face which then transmits into the back of the ball resulting in immediate compression of the ball.

This is when lift occurs from the ball climbing up the face of the club, which produces a measured degree of spin providing the desired trajectory and distance. So acceleration is the main component in producing solid impact and distance. Question is how do you make this happen? Tempo, rhythm and technique is key, but there is a drill you can practice to learn acceleration.

Take you address position as if you were to hit a ball, but you won’t need a ball for this exercise. Establish the parallel position where your club first enters the impact zone, which is level with the ground. From this position, accelerate rapidly through the impact up around into a finished position.

As part of the practice drill, allow your trailing hand to help accelerate the club head through the bottom of your swing and repeat this drill seven times. Next, set up to a ball and feel the advanced club head speed produced as you hit a ball for real. Repeat this valuable technique with your driver, mid iron and wedges to establish muscle memory.

This drill works well so practice it on a regular basis and you will establish noticeable improvement in your game.

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