Clearing Your Left Side for Better Contact

You must clear your left side in order to swing freely through your golf shot. I know of a drill that will help you produce swing memory that can be practiced before every shot. It’s really quite easy and will take about 20 seconds to learn. The key to making consistent contact is using your hips to start your downswing and clearing your left side just before contact.

How you do this is by griping any club in your bag upside down and place your trailing hand around the hosel of the club head. Now take your address position with the shaft and golf grip pointing toward the ground. With your right hand only,begin swinging a full golf swing back and through.

As you step on the left side in the downswing, you’ll feel the movement of a proper weight shift in your body and a whooshing sound as you follow through. When you clear your left side properly, you should hear the whooshing sound out in front of you. You’re left hip and shoulder will clear simultaneously as the club shaft passes the impact zone. Repeat this drill frequently and you’ll be making better contact on the ball before you know it.

Another key factor in making solid contact is making sure your left rear pocket is turning left behind you as you impact the ball. One common problem in the downswing is letting that forward hip get to far forward towards the target at impact, resulting in a blocked shot out to the right. Therefore, using this tip while waiting for your turn to hit will pay dividends at the moment when it counts the most.

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