Common Short Game Mistakes

 Avoid These When Practice is Lagging and Rushing Through Your Game

Winning in golf has everything to do with improving your short game. Let’s face it… hitting the ball onto the green from the tee is easy compared to honing in on the various short game shots you’ll face. Of course having a decent drive is nothing to dismiss but the ball literally just sits on the tee waiting for you to take your swing.

The short game presents you with the opportunity to face challenges of shots that come with different lies, different shapes, and different lengths. And the more shots possible means the more chances for a misfire to occur. You can begin improving your short game immediately by identifying and staying away from common mistakes that are covered below.

Not Making Time to Practice Tough Shots

Before you confront specific golf shots on the course be sure you have practiced them. By practicing regularly, you build up your confidence as well as add to your options on the golf course. Your self-confidence will let you know when you are prepared to try a certain shot that you have not attempted before.

It’s also necessary to have practiced a shot before giving it a go in a tournament. Just as a football team would never attempt a play unless all of the players are familiar with the routine,golf shots require the same attention and practice. When you have to perform under fire during a real golf game you will be much more confident by being prepared. In 38 Tips for Breaking 80, I show you to easily prepare for these tougher shots from using my practice charts.

Playing Through the Course Too Fast

When watching golf on TV you may have noticed that the players all seem to be going through the course at a rapid pace. While you should always try to emulate your favorite professional’s technique, never play the course at the same pace you perceive them to be playing at. These talented men and women play golf for hundreds of thousands of dollars and are doing so on private courses which are being filmed for national television. Make sure to take your time and keep the fun part in focus.

By all means play at a brisk pace but slow down enough to take time to read the green, check your lie, and visualize your success before attempting each shot. Learn to prepare for your upcoming shot while the other players in your group are hitting their shots or while you are walking down the course to reach your ball.

The bottom line is to never hit a shot until you have completely settled your nerves and have painted a crystal-clear picture in your mind of the final outcome. Remember, play the game quickly but never so that you sacrifice preparation for each shot.

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