How to Make the Proper Turn in Your Backswing

You really don’t unless you use some sort of training aid to force it, videotape it, or have someone watch you when you’re on the range.

Here’s a great tip to try when you’re practicing by yourself at home or on the driving range…

  • Stand at address position as if you’re going to hit a ball
  • Standing erect, extend your forward arm outward with your fingers pointing at your target.
  • Next, using your other hand, tape an ordinary drink straw to the end of your shoulder, so that the straw points at your flag downrange, passing over your hand.
  • Once secure, address the ball with your club and take your club to the top of the backswing. The straw will point at the ball or more likely pass the ball a few inches. This indicates you’ve made a 90 degree turn and the center of your back is also pointing at the target.

This is the proper position at the top to insure longer, straighter drives.

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