Knowing the Ratio of Your Carry/Rolls

The best way to become skilled at chipping is to know exactly how each club in your golf bag performs. For example, assuming that you make the same length swing with every club, the sand wedge will spend 90% of its time airborne and only 10% on the ground.

On the other hand, your 4-iron will spend approximately 10% of the time in the air and 90% on the ground. This ratio changes as you increase your club head speed, which produces more hang time in the air. But for chipping I’m comparing only length of swing here.

The 7-iron will carry about 50% of its distance in flight and rolling on the ground the other 50%. The most efficient use of your time is to have a weekly record of progress to refer to as you practice these different clubs at their distances. I also provide a series of easy charts to accomplish this in my book 38 Tips to Breaking 80: A Step By Step Guide to Get You There.

Implement a personal progress report when you’re on the practice range and you’ll be an improved chipper in record time.

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