Putting Food for Thought

The best way to improve your putting as quickly as possible is to put time into working your distance control. Why is this so important? Most of your approach shots will likely be from a medium-to-long range in distance.

Here are some simple putting tips to get you going…

Always Set Your Eyes and Shoulders Perfectly Parallel to the Putting Line

Start by aiming your putter at the target and then set your eyes and shoulders in perfect alignment with that line. This is the only way to get an accurate perspective of the pathway to the hole. Always align your body square to the putter face, not the opposite. If you make a habit of viewing the pathway with your eyes inside or outside of the putt line, and are having trouble putting, this is undoubtedly caused by an inaccurate sighting alignment.

Forget Style – Just Putt the Ball

Always remember that putting doesn’t have to look good, it just has to get the job done. Train your focus where it counts, when you’re collecting information in your pre-shot routine in order to make the putt. Then when it comes time to perform, just do it.

Take a Quick Look (One Time) at Your Target and Just Swing!

One of the greatest changes I’ve made, which produced the best results in my putting, was to stop standing over the ball for so long trying to analyze every bit of information I could about the shot. The key is to focus still, while speeding up the process a bit. Too much thinking about your technique, length of stroke, and ground conditions will cause fear. Instead, get set up, take one quick look at your target, hold that image in your head, and simply swing. You’ll be amazed at how many more putt shots will sink in the hole from now on.

Find the Sweet Spot of the Putter and Use It

Another key to consistently successful putts is to strike the ball from the sweet spot on your putter. Don’t know how to find the sweet spot? Simply hold the club vertically in between your thumb and index finger. Make sure you are holding the putter directly in front of your eyes. Now tap on the club face with the tip of your index finger or a golf ball. Each time you strike the club face and the putter head twists, continue hitting it until the putter head moves straight back. This is the sweet spot. Learn to use it.

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