My Students Say It Best

“Bob Lewis is a truly gifted golfer who is very knowledgeable of the game. He is personable, genuine and honest as well as being a good listener and teacher. Enjoyable to be around as he is funny and is still a professional with a good eye for details. His easy going persona makes it less nerve wracking to learn the game of golf. You will enjoy the time spent with Bob.”

–Ellen Hegwer-Gibson, Ontario, CA

“Bob has both been a friend and inspiration for over forty years. His approach to discipline and motivation is second to none.”

–Mark Daigle, Philippines

“I found 38 Tips for Breaking 80 to be very helpful at improving my swing. I used the section on slicing and found out right away why I was always slicing the ball. My grip, posture and alignment improved soon after trying your tips and my scores ranged between 100 and 115 before, and after regular practice, I finally shot my first score of 84. I am very pleased with my results and my friends really see the difference. Thank you very much Bobby.

– Jonathan D., Ventura, Ca

–Lonny Larson, Patriot Golf, Ottowana, MN

“I’ve known many good golfers, but Bob definitely tops the list. I admire his knowledge, skill and talent on the golf course… he’s truly awesome to watch. Although he’s been playing for nearly 40 years, he remains an attentive student of the game… always willing to learn, and I believe it’s that open attitude that has helped him become a scratch golfer. Bob is also generous with others when they approach him for tips and advice… it’s obvious he loves the game of golf and he’s always willing to share with others so that they may enjoy the game more.”

–Kerri Mackenzie, Ventura, CA

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