Tips Professional Golfers Use

Do you think professional golfers are so accurate that they send every tee shot directly where they want it to go and every shot on the green perfectly? Of course not, which is why the pros place so much emphasis on mastering where the most important shots in golf are made – the short game.

This is where more than half of your strokes come from. Consequently, you should spend a fair amount of quality time organizing the harder shots you struggle with most.

Is this how you practice?…

Rush to the practice range, grab a large bucket of balls and see how hard and far you can hit them all? Or do you take a few minutes to stretch first, have your practice session planned out for your allotted time and use only 20 minutes hitting balls? If you use the latter method, you’re using my recommended program for success.

You may never have an interest in becoming a professional golfer, but if you wish to prepare yourself to at least get around the course in fewer than 100 strokes, you need to have a plan targeted for just that. It just makes good sense and narrows your practice time because it has purpose and it makes you practice the shots you least like on the golf course. That’s what professionals do and so should you.

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