When You Should Use a Straight Faced Club

Anytime you feel pressure when shooting around the green and you’re not sure what the best approach is, always pick the club with the straightest blade.

You may even have to use the 3-iron to get enough proper roll to reach the hole. I have had to choose my 3-wood, hybrid and even my putter, depending on the depth and undulation of the grass the ball is to travel across. That’s simply a determination you need to make, based on some experience and practice of the situation, prior to encountering this shot.

Don’t always assume the wedge is the best choice because the ball is sitting off the putting surface in some short grass. With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how well you can control the shot without relying so heavily on the wedges.

Remember the leading edge of the wedge is designed to cut behind the ball and by practicing both just off the putting surface, you’ll gain more experience in your short game resulting in saving you more strokes.

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