When Your Ball Sits Low in the Grass

Whenever your ball lands and sits low in the grass you can expect to hit a low flying shot unless you use a more lofted club. The amount of bounce of your lofted club is equally important. Lots of bounce working with higher loft will automatically dig the ball out with ease. And on the other side of the coin, when the ball sits high on top of the grass you can expect it to fly higher than usual, so it would be wiser to chip with a less lofted club creating more roll than flying towards the hole.

I prefer to use 16° of bounce to get out of sand bunkers and heavy rough, 8° of bounce for normal lies in the fairway with medium to short turfs, and finally 0° bounce for hard pan, dirt and grass that’s been mowed down and looks scalped. These degrees of bounce work well for me, but you’ll need to experiment with different bounces to find your desired results. My tip is that bounce is more important than loft.

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